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29 Colorful Hack that Will Make Your Day

In this video, you will find a ton of incredibly beautiful crafts you can make using crayons, plastic bottles, and concrete. Moreover, you will find handy ideas that will ease your life.
Check out awesome crafts you should try to make:
-You can paint with wax crayons with a help of….hair dryer! All you will need is color crayons, a canvas. It’s really easy and the result is just awesome
-You can create ‘’Stary night’’ Vang Gogh picture at home. It will be a real masterpiece!
-You can easily turn your old boring sneakers into DIY galaxy sneakers. You will need markers, rubbing alcohol, and white canvas shoes. Remove the shoelaces, use blue, purple, green and black colors. Spray the alcohol on the shoes
-Transform old marker into an emergency candle
-Watch our video and transform your marker into a multicolored marker
-We share a collection of ideas on how to make cute decorative items from concrete. Check out how to make cute concrete decorative items for your garden
-Make a trivet for your kettle using a silicone mold, drinking straws, and cement.
-Concrete planters are the cheapest way to renew your collection of planters
-Reuse a plastic bottle and fill it with concrete to make a cheap door stopper
-You can make a lot of crafts from plastic bottles. It’s an inexpensive way to decorate your home
-You can easily make funny eyeglasses using a hot glue gun! Follow our tutorial and draw eyeglasses of the form you like on the parchment paper. Take a hot glue gun to create your new eyeglasses. You can use these eyeglasses for a funny photo session

00:09 DIY Blacklight
01:40 Galaxy sneakers
02:15 How to reuse crayons
02:53 Beautiful artwork
07:21 Concrete crafts
12:54 Hot glue eyeglasses

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